Saturday, 19 October 2013

Minimum Wages of Skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers

Minimum wages of Skilled, Semi Skilled and Unskilled workers in Delhi has been increased with effect from 23rd October, 2013.  As per the new declaration the minimum monthly wages unskilled worker is Rs. 8086. This is increased from Rs. 7722 per month. The Minimum wages of semi skilled labor are increased to Rs. 8918 from Rs. 8528. Minimum wages of skilled labor are also increased to Rs. 9802 to Rs. 9386.

Last time the minimum wages of labors increased on April 2013. As per the Chief Minister of Delhi the minimum wages has been increased half yearly as per the consumer price index number and also based by the addition of D.A in wages.

Through this increase there is a hike of Rs. 364, Rs. 390 and Rs. 416 in a month which gives them a slight relief in inflation.

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